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Highlighted Project: Delshire

This was a project that came to us from one of our partners, BOG Flooring. The owner of the home started the project wanting their kitchen cabinets painted. After visiting the home and talking to the homeowners, it was determined that they wanted not just the doors, drawers and frames painted, but they also wanted the interior of the cabinets painted. They upgraded to slow close hinges and slides for all the doors and drawers, including smaller slide out drawers inside some of the cabinets. They also exchanged all the handles to a new size. Quickly this standard cabinet painting project grew to a very large endeavor. The kitchen cabinets went from a dark stain to a brilliant white. The customer was so pleased they added a downstairs kitchenette, laundry room and every vanity in the home. We sprayed over 100 doors and drawer faces and hand painted the frames, interiors and drawer boxes. This took us two months to complete and was one of the most exciting projects we have completed. It was truly a next level project.

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